About Us

Mr. Daniel Rose

This research project was made possible through the generosity of Mr. Daniel Rose, Chairman of Rose Associates, one of the most well-known real-estate firms in the city of New York. Mr. Rose, who was named the Man of the Year in 2001 (by the New York Reality Foundation) and the Entreprenuer of the Year in 2003, (by Ernst & Young), is a successful businessman and a philanthropist who supports various charities.

The Principal Investigators

The goals of the project:

The Rose intiative brings together top researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Yale University’s School of Management to explore difficult strategic, tactical and operational problems arising in the areas of homeland security and counterterrorism with the intent of developing new tools for decision making and policy analysis. Building on existing collaboration among the principle investigators and emphasizing the importance of synergy between these top Israeli and American institutions, this generous gift provides the necessary resources for the lead investigators, supports graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to spend time on- site at each others’ locations while developing new methods and models. Additional activities include sponsored sessions at international research conferences, a Yale seminar in homeland security and counterterrorism operations, and seed funding for faculty aimed at encouraging research in this important area of research. To learn more about counter-terrorism research at the Technion and the Technion-Yale collaboration, please see the attached video.